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Doing what I should have been doing…

I probably should have started blogging a long time ago.  Not because everyone (maybe anyone) is dying to hear what I have to say or will even take a gander at my words.  I need to blog for me.  I own a journal, and I use it often.  But, there’s something about writing out words that are more thoughtfully articulated than what I tend to write in my trusty journal.  Preserving and remembering the life that we are living here is important to me, and I need to do a better job of that.

Levi and I made the decision to live in a crazy place.  We prayed about it a lot, and we decided that living life among the impoverished and loving a people so broken by war, despite the risks, was worth every ounce of our life and energy.  So here we are, several years later.  While I cannot and will not state exactly where we live, this blog will be about the heartaches and joys of living life in a broken but slowly developing country.

Oh yeah, and I wear a burqa.


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