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Reverse culture shock

Is there an award for the world’s worst blogger?  If so, I nominate me.  I don’t know what the award would be, but if it involved everyone throwing chocolate cupcakes at me, I’d be okay with that.  For those of you who actually check my blog every once in a while (thanks, Mom!), I apologize for being such a slacker.  I’m resolving to do better in 2013.


We came back in the U.S. for a bit because we were expecting baby #2.  Little Archie arrived on December 11 and has totally rocked it at being a baby.  He excels in all categories of newborn: sleeping, eating, and pooping.  What can I say??  He has exceptional genes.  Laila has warmed up quite well to him, but she’s mostly concerned that he doesn’t touch the iPad while she’s using it.  So far, it hasn’t been a problem.

Life back in the States has been an anomaly of sorts for us.  We landed in Atlanta so we could attend a friend’s wedding.  I have never spent much time in the deep south, and I guess I am what the south putridly refers to as a “Yankee.”  Don’t get me wrong, everyone was incredibly sweet and exercised that notorious southern hospitality.  I just don’t really understand Southern very well.  While I was getting a manicure, the beautician said the sentence “His daddy’s comin’ to get him this evenin’.” What I heard was “His daddy’s comin’ to give him a sandman.”  When we both realized that we weren’t understanding one another, she apologized for being “a hick,” which she wasn’t, and I apologized for not being able to speak my own language.  Laila turned into a complete psychopath when saw Wal-Mart for the first time (MOMMAY! There are toys EVERYWHERE!).  Levi couldn’t shake his middle eastern mentality and thought my huge pregnant belly gave us instant V.I.P. status and could expedite to the front of lines.  And every time I’m not getting my way, I find myself thinking “I wonder what kind of a bribe I’d need to pay to turn this around.”  I know, I know… it’s awful.  But we’re all getting better.

We are hoping to return home to the other side of the world by the end of next month.  I’m sure we will have spent just enough time in the U.S. to experience even more culture shock all over again.  I’m learning that no matter where we go, it will always take some adjusting.

Here are some pics of my awesome kids.



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